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"Painting with Passion"

"There is inspiration all around us, and within us".  Art is truly powerful!  My art is inspired not only from the beauty of natural landscapes and the curiosity of animals in nature, but most importantly by emotion, and connections between ourselves, and the artwork.

I enjoy creating many different types of paintings. You will find all sorts of paintings such as Nature Landscapes of day into the night, featuring the glowing moon and stars, or the powerful rising sun. Often accompanied by curious or mysterious wildlife wandering about. Also, you will see scenes from vast landscapes of distant mountains with colorful clouds to vibrant sunsets shining through endless ocean scenes, and of course lots of animals from cozy foxes to gentle elephants. I enjoy representing the balance of life and nature to bring you peace, relaxation, conversation, and connections. My goal is create artwork that speaks to you and brings you joy & inspiration!

The Art: About
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Time & Quality

I love to use higher quality materials for paints and brushes to ensure a long lasting piece of art. All of the paintings are done free hand and are original! I prefer to use Winsor & Newton, or GOLDEN acrylic paint. All of the paintings are acrylic paint on canvas. Featuring so many different shapes and sizes of canvases, such as traditional rectangle, round, square, heart shaped, octagon, and more!

  • The traditional rectangle canvas paintings will be 5/8" deep and come in the following sizes 10" x 20" , 16" x 20" , 18" x 24" , 30" x 40", and more!

  • Sizes for unique shaped canvases largely vary from 6" -  24" in different shapes.

All paintings are 100% original, one-of-a-kind artwork. I enjoy putting in the time, thought, effort, and true passion into each painting. I hope to bring you joy and inspiration through art!

The Art: About


Each original painting will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate will include the matching original ID # of the painting, a picture of the painting, canvas size, year created, painting title, artist name and hand signed signature of the artist. Also, included is a short story about Ayala Artworks, a hand written Appreciation card, and gift wrap is available for most size paintings.

The painting will be signed on the front by the artist. The back of the painting will include the title of the painting, the artists name, the matching ID # to the Certificate of Authenticity, size of the painting, the year that the painting was created, along with a hand signed signature of the artist.

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The Art: About
The Art: About
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